Did You Know?

  • For over-the-counter smoking cessation aids to be eligible under the Plan, they must be prescribed by a physician AND dispensed by a pharmacist.
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  • When you fill your prescriptions using your PSHCP Benefit Card at the pharmacy, you do not need to submit a paper claim.
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  • You can receive your claim reimbursement faster by signing up for Direct Deposit through the Sun Life Member Services website at www.sunlife.ca/pshcp.
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  • Prior to incurring expenses for nursing services, your physician must fill out a questionnaire so that Sun Life can determine if the services are eligible under the Plan.
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  • There are over 700,000 Plan members, of which 47% are pensioners.
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  • Drugs used for treatment other than what is recommended by the drug manufacturer (off-label indications) are not eligible under the Plan, even when such usage is recommended by a physician.
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  • Appeals related to denied claims must be submitted within 12 months of the date of your claim statement.
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  • An application form is required when you join or leave the Plan, amend your coverage level, transfer your coverage type, or apply for survivor benefits.
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