Ontario to offer free prescription medication for children and young people 24 and under

May 10, 2017

As part of the 2017 Budget, Ontario has announced that it is moving to make prescription medications free for all children and youth 24 years of age and younger, regardless of family income. Under Ontario’s new OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare Program, coverage for prescription medications will be automatic with no upfront costs if they are listed on the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary/Comprehensive Drug Index or if they are funded through the Exceptional Access Program.

The proposed program, which will come into effect January 1, 2018, will improve access to prescription medications for more than four million children and young people in Ontario, including students and young professionals who may not have access to comprehensive drug benefit plans as they pursue postsecondary education or begin their careers.

OHIP+ will give young people access to more than 4,400 drugs reimbursed under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, including medications funded though the Exceptional Access Program. Medications that will be covered include asthma inhalers, drugs to treat depression, anxiety and attention hyperactivity disorder, antibiotics, and oral contraceptives.

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