Exceptions for medical supply limits

21 November 2016

If you are planning an extended trip and will need to bring more than a 100-day
(or three months) supply of medication, you can request a travel exception from
Sun Life.

Typically, when you fill an application using your PSHCP Benefit Card, your pharmacist submits eligible expenses to the Plan for up to a 100-day supply of medication.
This 100-day threshold marks the Plan’s medical supply limit.

However, in requesting a travel exception one to two weeks prior to your date of departure, Sun Life will make a notation on your file, allowing you to purchase an additional 100-day supply using your PSHCP Benefit Card.

To request a travel exception, call the Sun Life PSHCP Call Centre at 1-888-757-7427 (toll-free) from anywhere in North America or 613-247-5100 in the National Capital Region. Please note that the file update will take two business days to reach your pharmacy.