New digital services to launch in April 2018

30 October 2017

The PSHCP is pleased to announce the implementation of online claims submissions and other innovative digital services for web and mobile in April 2018. These services will be available through Sun Life’s Plan Member Services website ( and will allow PSHCP members residing in Canada to review their claims history and available coverage. Members will also be able to submit their most common health claims electronically, including expenses incurred for vision care and paramedical services.

In addition to web services, online claims submission will be available through the my Sun Life Mobile app from a smartphone or tablet. Members will have access to intuitive features not offered through Sun Life’s website, such as the ability to submit photos of receipts and remote access to their PSHCP benefit card.

Claims submitted either through the my Sun Life Mobile app or online through Sun Life’s Plan Member Services website will be adjudicated immediately and, if approved, reimbursements will be deposited directly into the member’s bank account within 48 hours. Longer processing times may be required for claims that necessitate additional review or information.

To benefit from the PSHCP’s new digital services, Plan members must be registered on Sun Life’s Plan Member Services website. Sun Life requires the member’s email address and banking details so that claims may be submitted and processed electronically. Plan members wishing to submit claims through the my Sun Life Mobile app may download the app from Google PlayTM or from the Apple App Store.