Out-of-Province Benefit – Travelling in times of COVID-19

12 February 2021

The Out-of-Province Benefit provides coverage to PSHCP members and their dependants while travelling. However, given the current global pandemic and the travel advisory issued by Government of Canada, you should be aware of the coverage available to you, should you decide to travel in the near future.

The Emergency Benefit While Travelling provides reimbursement for up to CAD $500,000 in eligible expenses incurred to treat a medical emergency while on a vacation or business trip, if the medical emergency occurs within 40 days from the date of departure from your province/territory of residence. If the trip is extended due to hospitalization, the benefit is maintained and the additional expenses incurred by accompanying family members for meals and accommodations are eligible up to $150 per day, combined.

COVID-19 coverage: The Emergency Benefit While Travelling covers medical emergencies, including those relating to an epidemic or pandemic. A medical emergency resulting from COVID-19 will be treated in the same manner as any other medical emergency outside Canada. However, the following expenses are not eligible under the PSHCP:

  • expenses incurred as a result of trip cancellations or changes;
  • expenses incurred as a result of a quarantine;
  • repatriation expenses arranged by Canada.

Emergency Travel Assistance Services: You have access to a 24-hour worldwide assistance network which offers transportation arrangements to the nearest hospital that provides the appropriate care or back to Canada when suitable care is not available in the area where the emergency occurred. To be eligible for reimbursement, these travel arrangements must be made through Allianz Global Assistance.

MEDOC: If you are a member of the National Association Federal Retirees and a MEDOC policy holder, you also have an emergency travel insurance coverage, including COVID-19 related incidents, for up to $10 million maximum. Trip-cancellation and trip-interruption insurance will continue to be included for all events, except COVID-19 situations.

You should be aware of any relevant travel advisory and be familiar with your coverage details before you commit to a trip out-of-country. For assistance with travel‑related medical emergencies, PSHCP members travelling in Canada or the United States can call Allianz toll‑free at 1-800-667-2883. Plan members in all other countries you should call Allianz collect at 519-742-1342.