Using your Compensation Web Applications (CWA) to view and modify your PSHCP coverage

20 January 2014

The Compensation Web Applications (CWA) are a group of secure applications designed to provide active employees of the federal government with pay, pension and health care plan information. If you have access to these applications, you can use CWA to view and modify your PSHCP coverage.

Go to the Compensation Web Applications home page and click on the Public Service Health Care Plan link to log on using your myKEY access code or department-issued smart card/token.

Once you have successfully logged on, you will be able to see a summary of your coverage at the top of the page. You will see your level of coverage under the Hospital Provision (Level 1, 2 or 3), your dependant coverage status (Family or Single), your type of coverage (Supplementary or Comprehensive), your monthly PSHCP contribution rate, and your coverage start date.

The Amend PSHCP Coverage page allows you to choose a new level of Hospital coverage or switch between Supplementary and Comprehensive coverage, as required. You can also use this page to switch between Single and Family coverage, after which you must update your Positive Enrolment information with Sun Life. Once you submit a change, Compensation will confirm your eligibility as well as the date your coverage amendment comes into effect and will authorize your new monthly PSHCP contribution rate.

The Stop PSHCP Coverage page allows you to cancel your PSHCP coverage entirely. This option should not be used if you wish to suspend your coverage while on Leave Without Pay; instead, please contact Compensation to learn about your coverage options. If you cancel your coverage and wish to join the Plan again at a later date, your reinstatement will be done in accordance with the PSHCP Directive (waiting periods may apply).