Hospital Provision

The Hospital Provision is available under Supplementary Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. This provision provides reimbursement for the reasonable and customary charges, up to specified amounts, for the cost of hospital room and board charges other than standard ward charges (i.e. semi-private or private accommodation).

There are three levels of coverage, indicating the maximum amount a member may be reimbursed for each day of hospital confinement:

  • Level I: $60
  • Level II: $140
  • Level III: $220

Every Plan member must choose a level of hospital coverage.

It is important to note that the Hospital Provision does not provide coverage for services rendered in a hospital, and does not cover standard ward charges.

If you would like to change your level of coverage under the Hospital Provision, you must submit a PSHCP application form to the designated officer of your personnel or pension office indicating that you wish to make an amendment.