Positive Enrolment

Positive enrolment is a mandatory step in accessing your benefits under the PSHCP. It requires Plan members to provide information about themselves and their eligible dependants so that Sun Life can maintain your member file and process your claims. Positive enrolment is a standard practice in the pay-direct benefit environment.

How to complete positive enrolment

1) Register with the Sun Life Member Services website at www.sunlife.ca/pshcp. Sun Life will provide you with an Access ID and will send your password separately to you by mail.

2) Use your Access ID and password to log into your account and complete the Positive Enrolment online form. You will be asked to provide the name, address, gender and birthdate of those who will be covered under the Plan, as well as information about coverage under other group health plans for coordination of benefits.

3) Once you are enrolled, you can print your PSHCP Benefit Card or request that Sun Life send a card to you by mail. You can request additional copies of the card for your eligible dependants over the age of 18.

By completing positive enrolment, you provide consent for Sun Life to use your personal information to process your claims. Once complete, you will be able to use the PSHCP Benefit Card at participating pharmacies to have claims for your prescriptions and certain medical supplies processed electronically at point-of-sale.

To update your positive enrolment information (e.g. to add or remove a dependant, or to change your coordination of benefits information), you can make these changes through your online account or by submitting a Positive Enrolment Change Form to Sun Life. Learn more in Amending my Coverage.

New Plan members: Sun Life will hold your PSHCP application until it receives confirmation of your eligibility for coverage. This step can take up to six weeks. Once Sun Life receives confirmation, it will validate your positive enrolment information and process any claims that you have submitted in the meantime.