Joining the Plan

To join the Public Service Health Care Plan, you must first submit a PSHCP application form to Compensation or your pension office. You can either print the application form appropriate to your employment status (see below), or you can fill out an online application form through your Compensation Web Applications, if this service is available to you. (Note: Members of the RCMP and the Canadian Forces do not have access to Compensation Web Applications.)

Depending on your situation, you will need to submit the PSHCP Employee Application Form, the PSHCP Pensioner Application Form, or the Veterans Affairs Canada Initial Application Form.

The Employee Application Form applies to:

  • Eligible employees who wish to join the Plan for the first time
  • Eligible employees who wish to reinstate their coverage
  • Members of the Canadian Forces or RCMP who become employed in the federal public service
  • Members of the Management Category who move to a position where they are no longer entitled to full employer-paid coverage

The Pensioner Application Form applies to:

  • Retired public service employees who wish to apply for pensioner coverage
  • Retired members of the Canadian Forces or RCMP who wish to apply for pensioner coverage
  • Surviving dependants of an employee or pensioner who has died, provided the deceased was eligible to be a Plan member (see Survivor Benefits)

These two application forms can be used when you wish to amend your hospital coverage level or to add or remove a dependant (single to family coverage or vice versa). Your Compensation Web Applications can also be used to amend or cancel your coverage. Please see the section on Amending My Coverage for more information.

The Veterans Affairs Canada Initial Application Form applies to:

  • Veterans in the Veterans Affairs client group who wish to apply for pensioner coverage

Veterans should use the Veterans Affairs Canada Application Amendment Form to modify their coverage.

Once you have applied for PSHCP coverage, you must complete Positive Enrolment with Sun Life.

Learn more about Positive Enrolment

In an effort to continuously improve the delivery of Plan-related information, the PSHCP Administration Authority is investigating usage of various communication platforms. If you are a member of the PSHCP, please take a few minutes to complete the survey below.